Frequently Asked Questions

Designed to answer the most common questions regarding your wedding day!
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    Is There A Deposit?
    Yes. The deposit is $500 which will be deducted from the total cost.
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    Why Are The Number Of Cameras Significant?
    More cameras equals more camera angles. Think of it as a tv set where the floor manager can cut to camera 1 when the officiant is speaking, camera 2 when the groom is speaking, camera 3 when the bride is speaking and camera 4 for audience reactions.
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    Why Should We Hire You?
    Ellen Bee Productions offers great wedding videos for great rates. We are 5-star rated on Wedding Wire and our reviews speak for themselves. Click the badge on the left!
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    Can We Have An "In Person" Meeting Before Booking.
    We currently only meet with booked clients. To be honest, "in person" meetings aren't necessary. During wedding shoots we don't interact with couples much - we leave that to the photographer. You'll have enough people pushing and pulling you during your wedding day. We operate in the background. Think "fly on a wall with a camera."
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    Am I Required To Feed You?
    Of course not, but if you want to, I never turn down a good meal.
  6. 7
    Do You Offer Photography?
    We don't. However, if you are looking for a photographer, we'd be happy to recommend someone for you. There are photographers that we prefer to work along side.
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    I'm So Anxious, Any Advice?
    Relax. Weddings are planned out but not predictable. I'm sure you've heard of controlled chaos. That's exactly what you wedding will be. It'll be fun and time will fly by. You'll want video to relive the day and not that shaky footage from your uncle's camcorder.
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    I'm Ready to Book You, What's Next?
    Fill out our contact form. We'll respond within the hour. The contract and all other paperwork is handled via Wedding Wire. The process is extremely easy.
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    Do You Offer A Consultation?
    Absolutely. As wedding professionals, there is always advice we like to give clients that will help the day run smoother. Consultations are done via e-mail, phone, or video chat.
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    What Do You Wear During Shoots?
    All black - shirt, slacks, shoes. Registered & Protected